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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why was this man out on bond?

A man is accused of sexually molesting at least five boys, is suspected of assaulting more children, and is released on bond. Golly, who could predict that he would flee prosecution? Not Judge Belinda Hill, that's for sure:
A former church choir director accused of molesting five boys failed to show up in court Monday. German Moreno's whereabouts remain a mystery. A bailiff called Moreno's name three times Monday morning. No one answered, and now he is facing charges of failure to appear. That's in addition to the five felony charges involving molestation of children that he already faces.
Now let's hear from the pervert's lawyer:
His lawyer, Don Hecker, hasn't spoken to him since Friday. One possibility being considered is that the Costa Rican-born Moreno may have fled the country. "I'm not sure if that, at this point, is a concern. I just hope nothing has happened to him," said Hecker. "I have no knowledge that he is running. Right now, my basic concern is for his health and welfare."
Really? Everyone else's basic concern is for the crimes this deviant scumbag is likely to commit while he's on the lam. Maybe he'll steal a few cars and rob a liquor store or two on his way across the border. Or maybe he'll drug and molest some more kids. Judge Hill should be ashamed. The man is accused of practicing medicine illegally, drugging and sexually assaulting children, and he gets off by paying $6,000.


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