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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dead woman mounts challenge in Village race

For a woman who's been dead for a month, late Hedwig Village Mayor Dee Srinivasan has a lot of political supporters:
Mayor Dee Srinivasan died from heart disease last month, but supporters are still trying to win her votes for Saturday's election. Supporters in the community of 2,350, an enclave within the city of Houston, say they want to ensure Srinivasan's opponent, former Mayor Sue Speck (search), doesn't win. Speck lost to Srinivasan in 2001 by 12 votes and has been criticized for her management style. "They're both strong-willed ladies," said Councilman Bob Dixon. "When you have two strong people who have been mayor they sometimes clash."
Stay tuned for more political news from beyoooond the graaaave...


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