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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More fun with search engines

I don't get too much traffic on this site. Very little, as you can see by the abysmally low hit counter on the right sidebar. And much of the traffic I do get seems to come from journalists Googling their own names. Like ex-Chron transportation reporter Lucas Wall, (or someone else at the Boston Globe), who found Mattsapundit twice in 10 minutes. Then there's Chron Austin bureau chief Clay Robison (or someone else at the Chron), who found Mattsapundit twice in 15 minutes. Also, someone at the Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute searched for James Howard Gibbons. Maybe our favorite Editorial LiveJournalist is brushing up on his metal shop skills? But, as per usual, the most common queries fall into a single category. To wit: sluts, both from the demand and supply sides:
sluts for hire (10x)
hookers for hire (3x)
we hire sluts (2x)
big brother sluts (2x)
lawyer sluts
san francisco sluts
The rest of them are absolutely random. Here's a smattering.
marilyn monroe- death by poison enema
nazi aerial camouflage patterns
sesame street - pics of homosexual roger
and my personal favorite:
make my day pope button
I don't even know what that last one means, but I'm picturing Clint Eastwood in a zucchetto.


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