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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Plane scare forces White House, Capitol evac

A small aircraft penetrated restricted airspace in Washington a few minutes ago:
The White House and the Capitol building were emptied in a frantic evacuation Wednesday, and initial reports said a small plane had entered the restricted airspace around the capital. "You've got one minute," one officer yelled to a group including NBC correspondent Chip Reid. A few minutes later, officials gave the "all clear" signal. As soon as the alert went out, a motorcade stormed out of a side street next to the White House, NBC correspondent Norah O'Donnell reported from a cell phone as she evacuated. As military jets scrambled over the area, officers also rushed through the Supreme Court building and told staff to get into the basement. At the Treasury Department, people were moved across the street.
This comes a day after someone tossed a dud grenade during a Bush speech in Georgia:
A hand grenade was thrown close to US President George W. Bush yesterday as he gave a speech in front of tens of thousands of Georgians in Tbilisi, the US Secret Service said. A Secret Service spokesman said the agency was informed of the incident by Georgian officials. The officials told the Secret Service the device was whisked from the scene by a Georgian security officer. US news reports said the pin had been removed from the grenade but it did not detonate.


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