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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Anti-Halliburton wackos clash with cops

A gaggle of malcontents descended upon decent society today, chucking bottles and punching cops:
About 250 people protesting Halliburton's involvement in Iraq marched, danced and screamed today around the downtown hotel where the Houston company's annual meeting was being held. Police accused a handful of attacking them. Police said 15 protesters were arrested, including seven who dressed in business attire, snuck into the Four Seasons hotel and chained themselves to each other to block entry to the meeting.
Can you blame them? It's the only way these meatheads will ever see the inside of a Four Seasons.
Charges against the protesters include evading arrest, trespassing, assaulting officers and injuring a police horse. Houston police said at a news conference this morning that during the demonstration, one officer was punched in the face, another was kicked, and another was kicked, punched and pushed to the ground, but no one was seriously injured.
Predictably, the protesters -- bearing brilliant slogans like "WAr PiG $$" -- accused Houston's finest of brutality:
Protesters outside, however, said it was police who used unreasonable force. Nursing her foot with an ice pack, Cynthia Daly said a mounted officer outside the hotel ran over her foot with his horse.
If you get that close to a mounted cop, and the horse steps on your foot, you got off easy.


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