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Monday, May 16, 2005

Let's play 'Shred the Liberal!'

This is a fun little game. Here's how to play. 1. Sit back and wait for a wacko comment to come in from a liberal. 2. Demolish it with relish (and maybe some brown mustard). Round One comes to us courtesy of valued LST reader "Bob S." who opines thus:
Newsweek is starting to hedge its bet and “qualify” its story”. But these allegations have been leaking out since last Spring. And they go hand in hand with some of the other abuses and tortures committed by U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. Extremists on both sides are milking this for every last drop. Radical Islamic leaders are using it to fan the flames and turn the protests into riots. And here in the U.S., the Far Right wingnuts like Matt Bramanti have found another hot-button issue to get themselves worked up over.
It just wouldn't be a game of Shred the Liberal without a healthy dash of moral equivalency, would it? Bob, if you honestly equate riot-fomenting terrorists with my blogging, you need to take your Morality-o-Meter in for a calibration.
It figures. Last year when the Abu Ghraib tortures were first publicized, rightwing Neanderthals were up in arms. Were they furious that some inbred prison guards were violating the Geneva Convention and putting other American soldiers at risk? Nope. They were furious at the media for airing the story.
Ah, the personal attacks against conservatives. We're all a bunch of primitive, grunting brutes, mere predecessors of civilized man. Sorry, Bob. First of all, modern people don't descend from Neanderthals. If the public schools are going to teach evolution, you'd think they could at least do a halfway-decent job.
And you remember last Fall, when a soldier in Iraq asked Rumsfeld about their substandard equipment, and Rumsfeld gave his famous response of “you go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had.” According to the Chicken Hawks on the Far Right, the main issue was that the soldier’s question had been prompted by a reporter. So what if our soldiers are getting killed because of inferior armor — by God, a reporter snuck in there and planted this question just to embarrass Rumsfeld.
You're obviously new around here, Bob. If you'd done your homework, you would have read about the generosity of our readers, who saw the armor problem and stepped up to the plate, armoring hundreds of Humvees.
So these protests and riots were all caused by a magazine article? Matt Bramatti has such a clear grasp of cause and effect, he probably think rain is caused by wet sidewalks.
Yeah, Bob, that's pretty much it. As I said before, 'fire' in a crowded auditorium. I have no problem with a balanced report of the truth. Unfortunately in this case, Newsweek's report was false.
And speaking of Chicken Hawks Matt, since Marine recruiting is way down since President Cuckoo Bananas’ excellent adventure in Iraq, here is a number you can call to do your bit to help relieve the deficit - (713) 718-4295.
Bob, I think you missed the most recent memo on this. The current Official Lefty Nickname for the president is Chimpy McHalliBushitler. Get on the stick, man!


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