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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hail to the tacky jerk

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but my mama taught me not to skip out on reservations or engagements without cancelling ahead of time. It's in bad taste and flat-out rude. Especially if you skip out on a reservation for eighteen people. And if you're a former president:
When the owner of one of Rome's most fashionable restaurants received a booking from Bill Clinton and his entourage, he was happy to clear the tables and order in his best food and wine. But Romeo Caraccio was left furious after the former president of the United States and his party failed to show up without bothering to cancel their reservation.
Yesterday, a waiter at the restaurant said: "We had a call from one of his security team making the reservation and then a visit to check out the place. "It was all confirmed and the boss even ordered in more food and wine - he spent an extra £1,000, but he [Clinton] never turned up.
T-A-C-K-Y. Speaking of bad taste, check out this quote:
Last night, a US embassy spokeswoman in Rome confirmed that the booking had been made, but said it was not a matter for the embassy. "I can confirm that Mr Clinton was due to eat at the restaurant. "However, he had to pull out and was not able to attend. I don't know why; he is a private citizen," the spokesman said.
Had to pull out unexpectedly with an embarrassing result, huh? Yep, that's our Bill.


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