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Monday, May 02, 2005

Lege tackles Two Step while taxpayers wince

Our beloved state legislature can't seem to get around to little details like property tax relief, but fortunately, they've got the major issues covered:
Each legislative session, constituents lobby their lawmakers to file resolutions creating new state symbols everything fromas varied as the state pastry to and the state folk dance.
Is there an editor in the house?
This year, resolutions already have been debated to make the chuck wagon the official vehicle, the Dutch oven the official cooking implement and the purple sage the official native shrub. Why the native shrub, you ask? Well, the crape myrtle, the original state shrub since 1997, isn't from Texas.
Did you know that Texas has an official state gem (blue topaz) and an official gemstone cut (Lone Star Cut)? Other well-advised uses of the Legislature's time and money include the following bills, none of which resulted in a nickel of property tax relief for Texas homeowners:
HCR117 Designating the two-step as the Official State Dance of Texas.
HCR 5 Designating picante sauce as the Official State Sauce of Texas.
HCR 83 Designating buckminsterfullerene the official State Molecule of Texas.
HCR150 Designating Clifton the Norwegian Capital of Texas.
HCR206 Designating Odessa as the Jackrabbit Capital of Texas.
HCR55 Designating the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco as the official state repository of Texas Ranger memorabilia.
Where the hell else would it be? But this one takes the cake:
HCR229 Declaring the Texas Rio Grande Valley Onion Festival the Official State Onion Festival of Texas.
Thanks, Lege. Good work.


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