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Friday, May 06, 2005

Sluts-for-hire gather in San Francisco class

Whore College. Nope, I'm not talking about Michigan. This is an actual day-long series of classes in -- you guessed it -- San Francisco:
The 25 students in jeans and T-shirts could have been in any career that requires hustle. The classes, covering topics such as effective marketing, stress reduction and legal issues, could have been part of any professional development seminar. But this was "Whore College," and any illusion it was just another corporate how-to for young go-getters abruptly ended at the sex toy display and was stripped away for good during a graphic demonstration that put a whole new twist on the concept of hands-on training. "We are still illegal," instructor Kimberlee Cline said before her 20-minute demonstration. "If we want to be treated as business professionals, we need to act ethically within the industry."
Sorry, skank. Doctors, lawyers and CPAs are professionals. These are women who screw strangers for crack. But it gets worse:
"My own personal experience has been negative and positive, as with any job," said Kymberly Cutter, 36, a mother of two from Tucson who returned to prostitution two years ago to boost her income and regards it as part of a journey in "personal self-discovery." Her children, ages 7 and 9, know what she does for a living, she said.
You've got to be seriously warped to expose a first-grader to prostitution. Would CPS please take these kids from this whore before they grow up and rob me? Now let's hear from the hookers' legal eagle:
The more shadowy aspects of the profession were covered in the curriculum. Lawyer Erin Crane explained that accepting money for a specific sex act could land someone in jail, but she repeated several times she couldn't advise anyone on how to break the law.
I take back what I wrote earlier about lawyers being professionals. Thanks to loyal LST reader and commenter "The Pulchritudinous Patriot" (Yeah, I had to look it up too) for pointing out the absurdity of this story.


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