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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

L.A.'s finest fire 120 rounds, score 4 hits

There are literally blind people who can shoot better than Los Angeles cops:
Ten Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies opened fire early Monday on an SUV they were chasing, discharging 120 rounds in a frenzied crossfire that injured a deputy and the unarmed suspect while sending bullets into nearby homes.
Wow. By my calculations, the suspect should've ended up as a ragged chunk of hamburger. Alas, he's fine:
Hayes was struck four times, in the toe, finger and shoulder. He was listed in stable condition at Torrance Harbor General Hospital on Monday afternoon.
People can argue whether cops should fire at fleeing suspects, or debate if the amount of gunfire was excessive. I'll leave that debate for another day. Here's something no one can disagree with: A 3.3% accuracy rate is un-freakin'-acceptable. Memo to the Boys in Black: those are the taxpayers' bullets. Everytime one of them leaves the muzzle, it needs to end up in a bad guy's 10-ring. I mean, really, four hits out of 120 shots? And two of them barely count, since they were in digits. With apologies to Ron White, let's turn these cops loose in a video arcade with a big ol' sack of quarters, and tell them they can go back to work when they learn how to shoot. CORRECTION: LST reader and former SoCal resident David Woerner points out that these weren't the "boys in black." Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies wear khaki.


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