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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

BoozeNews: Court OKs interstate wine sales

Oenophiles, rejoice:
The court said states cannot ban out-of-state wineries from shipping directly to their residents if they allow in-state vintners to make such sales. Paired cases decided Monday challenged laws in New York and Michigan that allow only in-state vintners to ship directly to residents. Six other states have similar laws, and 15 more have some form of out-of-state limits, so the decision has the potential to open up direct access to out-of-state wineries for residents of 24 states. The District of Columbia and 27 states already allow out-of-state direct sales, according to the Wine Institute. "It means consumers are going to have more choices," says Steve Gross, director of state relations for the Wine Institute, a lobbying group for 821 California wineries.
Now bring on the Two-Buck Chuck.


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