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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

BoozeNews II: Kudzu speeds alcohol effect

Researchers in Boston have discovered that kudzu vine reduces binge drinking by intensifying alcohol's effects, allowing a smaller amount of beer to create the same buzz:
Dr. Scott Lukas said he didn't have any trouble finding volunteers for his research project on a Chinese herb and alcohol. Of the 11 participants who completed the entire study, "eight drank fewer beers while receiving kudzu versus placebo treatment, two drank the same number of beers and one drank one more beer," Lukas said in a news release. Participants also took more but smaller sips of beer while taking the kudzu extract, the researchers found.
Interesting research. Even more interesting are the headlines that various news outlets have put on this story. WVEC in Virginia:
Vine extract may help drinkers drink less in Canada:
Get Drunk Quicker With Kudzu


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