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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sullivan talks gay marriage: Part Gazillion

Gay blogger Andrew Sullivan is celebrating the first anniversary of gay "marriage" in Massachusetts. Or as he calls it, "civil liberation."
Above all, we have changed consciousness. In civil rights movements, that's what matters and that's what endures. People forget that two decades ago, homosexuality meant simply sex for most Americans - and unsavory sex at that. Or it meant counter-cultural revolution. Or left-wing victim politics. By fighting the marriage fight, we changed the terms of that debate. We co-opted the language of our enemies - the language of family, love, responsibility, commitment. We did this not simply because it helps us win over the middle of American politics. But because it's actually reflective of the reality of many of our lives ... The next generation will grow up - gay and straight - fully aware of the existence of marriage as an option for gay couples, even if that option is in another state or another country. That will deeply and subtly change social expectations for gay men and women; it will alter sex and dating; it will counter some of the homophobia and low self-esteem that strangles some gay youth. It will tell the next generation of homosexuals: you have a future. That future is one of love and commitment and social integration. It is not assured. But it is conceivable.
As if he knows anything about conceiving.


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