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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Playgirl: Women like flab, body hair on men

This is hilarious:
Forget waxed chests and rock-hard abs. A new survey finds ladies like their men scruffy, a wee bit chubby - and definitely not a metrosexual. Playgirl asked 2,000 of its readers what they find sexy in a man and the answers were surprising: 42% said they thought love handles were kind of sexy and 47% approved of chest hair.
Rich playboys need not apply - only 4% of women said the size of a man's wallet mattered.
New York matchmaker Janis Spindel, a self-described specialist at setting up "highly successful, well-educated, attractive professionals," confirmed the survey's findings. "It's scary, but women don't care [about looks]," she said. "Men are very superficial and very shallow."
The survey also found that 96% of respondents were FREAKIN' LIARS.


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