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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chron to Houston: 'Support Our Troops'

I'm so mad I could spit. The editors of the Chronicle have decided to lecture Houstonians on how to treat our soldiers:
It's not enough to visit a grave site on Memorial Day or put a sticker on your car. Supporting our troops and their families requires effort and commitment. Troops serving in Iraq want to hear they are appreciated. Like their predecessors in the nation's wars, they like getting letters and treats and other reminders of home.

Really? They like getting treats? Who could've possibly guessed that? I just assumed they were Bushitler's bloodthirsty oil mercenaries, eager to leave their families behind for a shot at a year-long tour of civilian-murdering and Koran-pissing.

Two and a half years into the war, and the Chron is just noticing that soldiers need our support? Get with the program, fellas. We've been supporting them all along, with everything from visits to armor to tampons. I wonder if the editors have been writing letters to State Rep. Rick Noriega. Probably not, since they have the wrong address.


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