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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Novak to Carville live on CNN: 'That's bullshit'

Bob Novak -- who is still my choice for the Supreme Court -- got a little steamed up on CNN's Inside Politics this afternoon and said a naughty word.

Novak and his counterpart James Carville were discussing Katherine Harris' chances at a Senate seat, when Carville took a cheap shot. Yeah, big shocker there. Here's the exchange, as best as I can transcribe it:

Novak: A couple of points here. First place, don't be too sure she's gonna lose. Uh, all the establishment's against her. I've seen these [stammers] Republican anti-establishment candidates do pretty well. Ronald Reagan -- I guarantee the establishment wasn't for him. We just elected a senator from Oklahoma, Senator Tom Coburn, everybody in the establishment was against him. She might get elected. Carville [interrupting]: I -- I tell you this Bob Novak: Let me, let me, just let me finish what I'm gonna say, James, please. I know you, you hate to hear me, but you have to... Carville [interrupting]: He's gotta show these right-wingers that he's got backbone. You know, the Wall Street Journal editorial page is watching you; show 'em you're tough. [Carville laughs] Novak: I think that's bullshit and I hate, I hate that. Just let it go. [Carville keeps laughing.] Host Ed Henry: Okay. James, what do you think though seriously about this Senate race...[Novak stands up, walks off set.]

Here's the video. I am, of course, appalled that CNN would allow such crass vulgarity on its broadcast, and I demand that the FCC slap the network with an unprecedentedly enormous fine. And please, get rid of Carville. The guy is a rude, ugly, baldheaded caricature jackass who wears sunglasses indoors and orders nutria boudin at the Capital Grille.


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