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Monday, August 15, 2005

Chron blogs multiplying like rabbits

I don't know what's in the water down at 801 Texas Avenue, but the Chron's collection of blogs is rapidly expanding.

Today marks the addition of HelpLine, where Jay Lee answers computer technical support questions, KatySports, with Jeremy Rakes blogging about, well, Katy sports, and InsideKaty, with Helen Eriksen covering our neighbor to the west. These folks will join James Campbell on the Chron, Lance Scott Walker on nightlife, Loren Steffy on business, Sara Cress and Joey Guerra on local music, John Lopez and Richard Justice on sports, Kyrie O'Connor on pop culture, Eric Berger on science, Heather Staible on shopping, Bruce Westbook on movies, and "Evil" Dwight Silverman on technology. Welcome to the blogosphere, y'all! All the Chron needs now is a real estate blog. Nancy, you're killing us out here!

UPDATE: Evil Dwight points out that the two Katy blogs have been up for a couple weeks, featured in a special Katy section of the Chron’s website. Yesterday, they were added to the main blog menu.


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