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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bell shuts down fundraising drive

Chris Bell, out of his supreme care for humanity, has shut down his "$25,000 by August 31" fundraising drive, instead encouraging would-be contributors to donate to the American Red Cross:
I read the news today, oh boy. The Chris Bell for Governor campaign is calling off our online fundraising drive out of respect for the hurricane victims. Please do what you can for those who can't do for themselves. Please do as much as you can, and then please do more. We're taking down our fundraising thermometer and putting up the link to the Red Cross until the end of the week.
Incredibly, a commenter on the blog seemed to think that Bell was pouring his campaign war chest into hurricane relief:
Because of your kindness, I am paying it forward by making a donation to the victims of Hurricane Katrina -- victims that include friends of family of ours. God bless you, Chris, and anyone else who donates to the Red Cross.
What kindness? Bell avoids looking tacky by soliciting political funds during a disaster, AND he can gloss over the fact that he was going to fall 10-20% short of his modest goal. It's not like Bell is shutting down his campaign and donating surplus "Re-Elect Chris Bell to Congress" yard signs as roofing materials.


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