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Thursday, August 11, 2005

French firefighters free fat fellow

Via Drudge:
A dozen firemen were required to lift a 440-pound man out of his home in a small village in northern France to take him to hospital for emergency treatment, officials said Thursday. The three-hour overnight operation involved the firemen hoisting the hefty patient out of his bedroom on the second storey of a crumbling old house, taking him out the window and lowering him down to a waiting ambulance, fire officers said. They said a special stretcher had to be built in order to carry the man, whose family had requested he be taken to hospital because of psychological problems. As big as the job was, it was not the weightiest emergency French firemen have had to face. In 2003, a crew was called out to get a woman 520-pound from her home to hospital.
Does this mean the average French firefighter can only lift 37 pounds?


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