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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Crappy Mariners pitcher busted for steroids

Like my mama always said: cheaters never prosper.
Seattle Mariners pitcher Ryan Franklin has received a 10-day suspension under the terms of Major League Baseball's steroids policy. A day after baseball announced that Baltimore first baseman Rafael Palmeiro had failed his test, Franklin became the eighth player to receive a suspension under MLB's more stringent drug policy, which took effect in March. The commissioner's office announced the suspension Tuesday afternoon. A representative from Franklin-Frye-McCann agency, which represents Franklin, said the pitcher would talk to the media after 2 p.m. ET in Detroit. Franklin, 32, has a career record of 33-46 with a 4.19 ERA in six major-league seasons, all with Seattle. He is 6-11 with a 4.61 ERA in 22 games this season, including 20 starts.
How about that. The guy's been shooting juice and he still can't manage to throw more than two winning seasons in six. Despite using the allegedly performance-enhancing substances, this meathead (whose salary is $2.7 million) is 2-and-5 at home. Think this will keep him out of the Hall of Fame? And so, Ryan Franklin, allow me to issue the following heartfelt statement: you suck.


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