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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

WWII airman found frozen at icy crash site

There's a great line in "Top Gun" when Goose talks about Iceman:
It's the way he flies. Ice cold, no mistakes.
Well, this iceman made at least one mistake:
It was a plane crash back in 1942 that wasn't discovered until 1947. Now, hikers made a frozen discovery in connection with a World War II plane crash. Hikers found the frozen body of an airman while scaling Mount Mendel Glacier in the Sequoia National Park. Now, the military is working to find out who this airman is and whether he was ever reported missing. It's believed the airman has been frozen in the glacier for decades until a pair of climbers got much more than ever imagined on a hike.
Time to open up those cold case files. UPDATE: Protein Wisdom covers this story with typical Protein Wisdom brilliance:
Which, now that I think about it, this reminds me of a time back in ‘91 or ‘92 when the same kind of thing happened to me—only, y’know, instead of a dead airman frozen in glacial ice found 13000 up on Mount Mendel, it was some fat guy passed out under the table at Friday’s from one too many shots of Sambuca whom I happened to find when I tried to slide my foot up Heather Cornbleuth’s sarong, only to wind up with my big toe jammed in the drunk bastard’s terribly dry mouth.
That's just disgusting. Sambuca, I mean.


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