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Thursday, October 20, 2005

DeLay booked, photographed, fingerprinted

In an event that likely sent newsgasms rippling through the Chron newsroom, former House Majority Leader (NOT Speaker of the House, as the Chron reported) Tom DeLay was booked today. Here's his mugshot:


I like it. I like the idea of smiling to spite your politically motivated enemies. He might as well have been holding a sign that read, "Kiss my ass, Ronnie Earle."

This line from the Chron story is also pretty funny:

DeGuerin said the Harris County site was selected in part because his own offices are based in downtown Houston. But the surrender in Harris County allowed DeLay to avoid news media coverage. Journalists had been staking out the Fort Bend County sheriff's office since Wednesday.

Translation: "Tom DeLay's lawyer is smarter than us, and we're pissed about that." One quick question for the Chron writers and editors. Can you be consistent? DeLay's photograph is called a "mug," a "mugshot" and a "mug-shot." Just flip open the AP Stylebook. There has to be one around there somewhere. BENZION ADDS-- The shot looks great; nicely done. My only regret is that DeLay's press office declined the (unsolicited) advice I offered them this morning-- namely, that he show up for the booking wearing a "Houston Astros 2005 National League Champions" t-shirt.

BENZION UPDATES-- Let's just go ahead and make it official.



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