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Monday, October 10, 2005

Patty Hearst lectures U.S. on fear

Oh, this is rich:
Patty Hearst has a message for folks who are worried about terrorist attacks: Stop wringing your hands, people! "I was kidnapped by terrorists. It's not like I'm numb to this and think it can't happen. But get real!" Hearst admonished. "There's so much weeping and wailing and memorializing, my feeling is it'd be a lot healthier if people didn't externalize so much and kind of bucked up a little bit."
"What good is our government if they can't keep our level of fear at a point where we can think about what's really going on?" she told Lowdown. "We are a nation with the most frightened people on the planet. People who come over here just laugh at us."
Forgive me if I can't stomach being lectured about fear by a convicted bank robber and former member of a murderous terrorist organization.


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