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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

AstroWorld to close forever, after this weekend

Six Flags AstroWorld will be no more after this weekend:

Come this Sunday, October 30th, Houston's Astroworld will close its gates for the final time. On Monday, October 31st, employees will be busy shuttering the park and prepping every ride and every attraction for dismantling. That's right, Houston... the era of summer fun that has been with us since 1968, has come to an end. Earlier this year, Six Flags, Inc, made the decision to close it's primary Houston park, Six Flag's Astroworld. Astroworld, which contains one of Houston's two main water parks, Waterworld, has provided millions (perhaps even billions) of Texans a place of summer fun for thirty-seven years. Citing lowered profit margins, Six Flags, Inc decided that it would be more profitable to sell the park's land as office and retail space, than to keep it open for further years. Once again, the removal of a Houston icon came down to the all-mighty dollar. At this point, it is impossible to save Astroworld, it has entered it's final days.
Get on down there and take the rickety old Texas Cyclone for a spin. Sit in the last car; it shakes and jumps the most.


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