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Monday, October 10, 2005

Private auto racetrack to open near Angleton

Benzion needs to spring for an LST membership to this place:
There's a new 380 acre piece of land near Angleton that's a haven for people who want to see just what their cars can do. The black top is 2.4 miles long and has 16 turns. A Lamborghini owner we spoke with says Motorsport Ranch Houston is just what he's been looking for. "There's no better rush than being out here and actually being able to test these kinds of vehicles the way God intended them to be driven," said auto enthusiast Lee Tillman. If you want to drive on the ranch, it will cost you. Membership dues are $7,000 plus $150 in monthly fees. The track should be completed next month.
Hell yeah. I want to take this bad boy for a spin.


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