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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Official Mattsapundit Voting Guide

Okay folks, I know you've been waiting for me to issue marching orders voting recommendations on the proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution. Here they are:
  • Proposition 1: Against. We don't need another government agency with the power to borrow money and give it to private companies.
  • Proposition 2: For. Texas must not become a laboratory for gay-rights activists eager to change social mores for the nation.
  • Proposition 3: Against. We must rein in "economic development grants" which can become little more than unpoliced giveaways to the politically connected.
  • Proposition 4: For. If you violate bail once, you shouldn't get it again.
  • Proposition 5: For. Commercial borrowers are big boys; they don't need the Legislature to protect them from themselves.
  • Proposition 6: For. Increased public oversight of the judiciary is just fine with me.
  • Proposition 7: For. If Grandma wants to borrow money, why should the state get in her way?
  • Proposition 8: Abstain. I don't even know, off the top of my head, where in the hell Smith or Upshur Counties are.
  • Proposition 9: Against. Longer terms for mobility board members would only make them even less accountable to the public than they currently are.

Feel free to print out your own copy of the Official Mattsapundit Voting Guide, make a few thousand copies, and hand them out to everyone in your precinct.

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