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Monday, October 10, 2005

Morgan Ensberg: Sluggin' for Jesus

Banjo Jones over at the Brazosport News has some interesting quotes from Astros third baseman Morgan Ensberg:
“The entire reason that I play baseball is so that I get a chance to speak about Christ. Because my job is high-profile doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s greater than any other job, but it puts me out in front of some people. I realize that I do all of this so that I can show more people what Christ has done.” Like that game earlier this season when Morgan hit three out of the park. “It was probably that day where I really took a step in my faith -- not because I had found success in hitting three home runs and getting four hits, but more so in the fact that I knew that it wasn’t me. I knew that it was the Holy Spirit working.”
“No. 1 is I make sure that I’m always obedient to Him. I’m constantly praying. I just want Him to know that whatever His will is, is what I’m all about. We play 162 games. You’re bound to have some terrible games, and whenever there’s a time like that where you’re really struggling, I picture Christ’s face. I just picture myself looking right at Him and saying ‘Whatever you want.’”
Good for Morgan. He's on the right side in this thing.


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