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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Where are Houston's 'focal points?'

Tory at Houston Strategies has a post about "focal points," meaning places you'd naturally go to find someone you're trying to meet:
You are meeting someone in New York on a given day, but don't know a time or place. Where would you go and when? The surprisingly common answer is "under the clock at Grand Central Station at noon." Interesting variants include the country (Washington Monument in DC?) or the world (the entrance to the United Nations in New York?). So, of course, this got me thinking about Houston. What's our focal point? And I think I'd like to propose two variants:

  1. Where would two locals most likely meet?
  2. Where would two people from out-of-town most likely meet?
Tory suggests the water wall at Williams Tower, or the Galleria. It's a thought-provoking discussion. So what's your focal point for the Bayou City?


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