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Monday, October 24, 2005

Terrorists attack journalists' HQ in Baghdad

Publicity stunt, Qaeda-style:
At least two enormous bombs, including a cement-mixing truck packed with explosives, blew up near an Iraqi police checkpoint outside the Palestine Hotel — home to many foreign journalists in Iraq. Iraqi police said 11 people were killed and 13 wounded. A second bomb exploded inside a car not far from the checkpoint on the northeast side of Firdous Square and more than 100 yards east of the hotel grounds. Both were believed to be suicide attacks. It did not appear that anybody was killed inside the hotel. Three of the wounded were in the hotel but were not hurt seriously. Three others were at a U.S. military checkpoint at the northwest corner of the hotel compound.
Maybe this will piss off enough reporters that they'll issue some honest reports about global jihad. And maybe I'll be nominated to the Supreme Court.


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