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Monday, October 10, 2005

Paging Mr. Cohen...


Hey, remember when Chron reader representative James T. (the T is for Timely) Campbell asked Chron readers to submit questions for editor Jeff Cohen?

Here's a timeline:

  • August 28: Campbell asks for questions. Pledges response "during the week of September 5."
  • Week of September 5: Nothing happens.
  • Week of September 12: Nothing happens.
  • September 15: I email Campbell asking about the questions. His response:
I'm going to post on your question tomorrow.
  • September 16: Nothing happens.
  • Week of September 19: Nothing happens.
  • September 30: Campbell discloses he's waiting on Cohen's answers. Apparently the boss man is etching them in marble, by hand.
  • Week of October 3: Nothing happens.
Time to get on the stick, Jeff. Pretend like you're selling a high-quality product to customers with high expectations in a competitive market.


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