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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Woman who lost home to HOA gets it back

Remember Pam Bernhardt? She's the woman who lost her home to a homeowner's association foreclosure under questionable circumstances. She got the house back:
About a month ago, Pam Bernhardt said she learned that her home, which she had rented to someone else, had been sold during a foreclosure auction. She found out when someone slipped a notice under the door of the house where she lives. The Briar-Hills Homeowner's Association had foreclosed on the property back in September, saying Bernhardt had not paid $425 in association dues. She says she was never told her dues were late. Her attorney says the agreement will allow her to keep the $275,000 house on Forest Home at Swallowfield in southwest Houston.
blogHOUSTON has more:
In an interview with KTRH-740's Chris Baker earlier, Bernhardt stated that she had obtained her home and a cash settlement, as apparently the parties who took her home from her wanted to avoid court proceedings. That's a pretty good sign they didn't have a legal leg to stand on, and knew it.


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