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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Radical Islamists desecrate U.S. flag in NYC

American Muslims staged a demonstration in New York City where they stomped on and ripped up an American flag, then released a video of the disgusting event. Here's the film, with the clever title "Operation Desecrate American Flag to the Public." Um, okay. At 1:59 into the video, the idiot says:

We disassociate ourselves to represent anything that this flag stands for, represents, or calls for.
Not 10 seconds later, he demands that American law protect his vitriol:
Do not be afraid, we Muslims who are doing this. We have a legal permit.
At 3:09 into the video, another jihadi makes known his wishes for Islam:

to dominate over all other religions, to dominate the United States, to dominate the world, even though the non-Muslims may hate it.
This video is brought to you courtesy of the Religion of Peace.


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