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Friday, June 17, 2005

Man suspected in 36,000 molestations

This is absolutely sickening:
A sexual predator accused of molesting two San Jose boys documented in chilling detail more than 36,000 purported sex acts with young boys for three decades in seven states, Brazil and Mexico, police said Thursday in what may be the worst case of abuse they have ever seen. The logs were found on 1,360 pages in seven spiral notebooks that police seized last month at the San Jose home of Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, 63, who has been charged with seven felony counts of molestation involving two 12-year-old San Jose boys.
In San Jose, police also seized binders containing thousands of pornographic photographs of children, several computers and a 6-foot-tall computer server, which is being analyzed by a forensic lab in Menlo Park.
While investigators said they hadn't confirmed that the coded entries -- which included the letters "F" and "X" after some names -- are sexual acts, some page headings, written in a loopy cursive, categorize boys according to graphically specific sex acts. Headings include "Boys under 12,'' "Blond Boys," "Cute Boys," "Boys who say no," and boys by specific sex act, Cornfield said.
How could he get away with this for so long?


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