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Monday, June 27, 2005

T-shirt declares: 'Howard Dean hates me'

hatesme.jpg He hates me too.

Are you a Republican? If so, Howard Dean hates you. Now your chest can proclaim that message! A website called is selling t-shirts and bumper stickers emblazoned with the message. Why? I'll let the proprietor explain:

If you're a Republican, that means Howard hates you. If you're a Democrat, it means you have a party leader who is alienating people right and left, and flushing political discourse right down the toilet. Hutus HATE Tutsis. Nazis HATE Jews. Sunnis HATE Shiites. If Democrats now hate Republicans, we're in big trouble. If you're offended that Howard hates you, you should buy some of this stuff and let the world know how you feel. If you're offended that your party's leadership has sunk to this level, you should call Howard and give him a piece of your mind (he could use it).
This should not be confused with ex-XFL player Rod "He Hate Me" Smart. That guy's a Renaissance genius compared to Howard Dean.


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