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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Evil Roundup

For those of you skeptical about the existence of evil as a powerful force in the world, think again. Chron via AP: Woman charged with drowning boy in scalding water:

A woman accused of drowning her boyfriend's son in scalding water has been charged with capital murder. Veronica Herrera, 25, was arrested Wednesday after she said 3-year-old Andrew Joshua Fox drowned in the pool of an apartment complex. However, emergency medical responders noticed burns on the boy's face.
Police believe Herrera drowned Fox in the apartment, pushing his face in water, then pouring more hot water on him, said Sgt. Gabe Trevino, spokesman for the San Antonio Police Department. She later told police the child was being fussy. She then threw him into the complex pool and called for EMS, Trevino said.
Kansas City Star via AP: Boy, 7, beat baby to death, police allege:
A 7-year-old boy beat his baby half sister to death with his fists, feet and a two-by-four because he was jealous of her and she would not stop crying, police said Wednesday. The state attorney was deciding whether to file charges against the boy in an attack that rattled even veteran homicide detectives. “The veteran detectives who worked on this case have never seen a case with someone as young as a 7-year-old show so much violence and so little remorse,” Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said.
Sun-Sentinel: Teen charged in attempted murder of Lake Worth girl was suspended from school:
The 17-year-old charged with trying to rape and kill an 8-year-old Delray Beach girl last month was suspended from high school last summer for allegedly battering a female teacher. Milagro Cunningham was accused of pushing teacher Maria Perez in the girl's bathroom of John I. Leonard High School in Greenacres on Aug. 24, according to a Palm Beach County School District police report. Perez came into the bathroom because she heard noises from a stall. When she called out to the student, Cunningham popped out and began pushing her toward the bathroom entrance, according to the report. She told police she was frightened but not injured.
Cunningham now stands accused of abducting the girl from the Lake Worth home where both were staying on May 22, trying to rape her at a nearby landfill, then molesting her before trying to kill her. He told police he choked the girl until she fell to the ground, threw her into a recycling container, and tossed at least four large rocks on top of her.
Luke 23:34


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