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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

City government made me smile!

Every now and then, the City of Houston government does something that makes me grin from ear to ear. Such an event happened last night. I was cruising down the Katy Freeway feeder, when a dangerous predatory scumbag vulture Safe Clear wrecker driver came hurtling down the off-ramp, swerving across multiple lanes of busy traffic, causing several drivers to slam on their brakes, lean on their horns, and emit a cascade of swearing that would make a sailor blush. So, being the dutiful citizen that I am, I whipped out the cellphone and called the 311 Houston Help Line so that I could report the driver of the truck bearing City of Houston license #172. Hopefully they'd send a cop down for a summary execution. After a few transfers, I was finally put in touch with the Auto Dealers Detail of HPD. I told the very helpful, very polite officer what happened, and she told me the following:
You know, that's the second complaint we've gotten from that location today. Oh, I'm mad too. I'm gonna call the dealer right now and chew their butts!


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