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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Doctors build real six-million-dollar man

Straight out of 70's TV:
Researchers have developed artificial arms that can be moved as it if they were real limbs, simply by thinking about making them move, according to Local 6 News. When Jesse Sullivan's brain tells his arm to do something, it's done in seconds. The world's first bionic man, Jesse Sullivan, 54, accidentally touched live wires while working as a utility lineman in Tennessee. He suffered severe burns, causing him to lose his arms.
Sullivan's hand rotates 360 degrees, according to the report.
A hand that rotates all the way around? In my book, that's better than he was before. How much were the devices? You guessed it:
By the time it's perfected, the cost of manufacturing the bionic arm is expected to be about $6 million, according to the report.


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