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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Governor to TV reporter: 'Adios, mofo'

From Channel 13's Ted Oberg:
Governor Rick Perry had some parting words for an Eyewitness News reporter that may raise your eyebrows. It was an innocent enough interview about the special session beginning in Austin. But the way it ended is where the questions begin.
Our questions were not recorded on tape, but in saying goodbye I told the governor, "Try as I may, Governor, I guess I can't win this one." Eleven seconds after he said goodbye, the camera crew was getting ready for the next interview with another station. That's when Gov. Perry repeated what he thought I'd said, and added a few words of his own with his microphone on and tape still rolling. "Try as I may, Governor, I'm not going to wait that long," Gov. Perry said. "Adios, Mofo."
This is the kind of thing I want the Governor to say. But I want him to say it to David Dewhurst. [Hat-tip: IFOC]


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