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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Michael Schaivo promotes self on wife's grave

Unsurprisingly, Michael Schiavo buried his wife yesterday without informing her parents. Unsurprisingly, he buried her in Florida despite his earlier claims that she would lie in her family's plot in Pennsylvania. What is surprising is the inscription on her grave. It reads like a macabre press release by Michael's scumbag lawyer:
But the woman's parents criticized Michael Schiavo for not notifying them about the burial beforehand and by inscribing "I kept my promise" on the bronze marker. Michael Schiavo had said he promised his wife he would not keep her alive artificially -- a critical element of the acrimonious legal battle over her end-of-life wishes.
On the grave marker, Michael Schiavo also listed Feb. 25, 1990, as the date his wife "Departed this Earth." On that date, Terri Schiavo collapsed and fell into what most doctors said was an irreversible vegetative state. Schiavo actually died March 31, nearly two weeks after her feeding tube was removed by court order. The grave marker lists that date as when Schiavo was "at peace."
There's no word yet on whether Michael brought his mistress and illegitimate children to the funeral.


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