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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Chron blog stable rapidly expands

The Chronicle's blogs are multiplying! Yesterday, Chron business editor Loren Steffy launched his offering, called "Full Disclosure." I really like the name. Here's a quick run-down on our beloved hometown rag's other blogs: TechBlog: Online editor Dwight Silverman talks technology. HandStamp: Music writers Sara Cress and Joey Guerra look at Houston's music scene, complete with a link to the Chron's database of area bands. I really like the name of this blog, too. Lopez@Large: John P. Lopez discusses sports. SportsJustice: Richard Justice on sports. Duh. He focuses on questions from readers; something that's great to see from a major newspaper. MeMo: Kyrie O'Connor dishes out offbeat cultural references. Some are ripped from the headlines, some are completely random. There's always something amusing in there, even if it's her calling me "Matty B." Dead Zone Diary: A now-defunct blog, this one tracked environment writer Dina Cappiello's exploration of a biologically inhospitable area in the Gulf of Mexico. Kevin Whited sees the Chron blog movement as the precursor to the "newspaper of the future." Let's hope he's right. For the time being, it's interesting to note that all these blogs are niche products. They talk about interesting subjects -- business, technology, music, sports, pop culture and science -- but for discussion of local, state, national and global news, Chron readers have to go elsewhere. Like here. Also conspicuously absent, in my opinion, is a real estate blog by columnist Nancy Sarnoff, who told me she's far too busy for that sort of thing. Oh well. She'll come around sooner or later.


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