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Monday, July 11, 2005

This Hawk kills its prey slowly

Over at Slightly Rough, Rob regales us with tales of steak dinners made entirely out of multicolored salt:
I have to agree, Night Hawk is the best frozen food, hands down. If you can't purchase them in your local area, move.
Having never eaten a Night Hawk dinner, I can't really comment on the quality of the food though I suspect this one would make Edd Hendee's head cave in. However, I like Rob's choice of beverages:
Fortunately for my dear readers, I am willing and able, in the interests of science, to conduct some research this weekend into what beverage pairs well with a Night Hawk frozen dinner. I'm thinking perhaps a nice burgundy, or maybe a Miller High Life tallboy.
It is, after all, The Champagne of Beers. I still stand by my NightNight pairing as a good alternative:
Wash it down with some Night Train and you've got yourself... well, one hell of a Night.
I'll have a Night Hawk for lunch tomorrow and report back.


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