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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mattsapundit celebrates first contributor

Laurence Simon is a really nice guy. As part of his "Give Your Money to Anyone But Andrew Sullivan Project," your humble correspondent has been designated a Worthy Recipientâ„¢ of seven United States Dollars. Here's how the project works:
1. When Andrew Sullivan begs for money, don't give him any. 2. Give money to a blogger other than Andrew Sullivan. 3. Post on your weblog that you're not giving money to Andrew Sullivan and that you're giving to some other blogger. 4. OPTIONAL: Write Andrew Sullivan and tell him you're thought about it and given your money to someone other than him.
Sincere thanks go out to Laurence for his generous donation to the Matthew F. Bramanti Stuff Acquisition fund. I think I'll pay it forward to Rob as a directed donation -- to be used for Night Hawk dinners and wine only.


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