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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Plame revealed identity after '3rd or 4th date'

Some folks are portraying Valerie Plame as some kind of super spy, ruthlessly outed by the nefarious Karl Rove (who probably heads up S.P.E.C.T.R.E. and K.A.O.S. on the weekends). The fact is, Plame didn't even take the most basic steps to protect her own identity:
Meeting in Paris, London, and Brussels, they got very serious very quickly. On the third or fourth date, he says, they were in the middle of a "heavy make-out" session when she said she had something to tell him. She was very conflicted and very nervous, thinking of everything that had gone into getting her to that point, such as money and training. She was, she explained, undercover in the C.I.A.
A handful of dates, and she spills the beans. Attention, foreign spies: want to seduce and recruit a U.S. intelligence agent? Forget the bribes, diamonds, threats and torture. Just whisper sweet nothings and you can turn a CIA desk jockey in under two weeks.


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