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Monday, July 25, 2005

Teamsters, service workers quit AFL-CIO

The following is a statement of James P. Hoffa on the Teamsters disaffiliation from the AFL-CIO: Good afternoon. This is an historic day. I join my brother Andy Stern and the great SEIU in a joint announcement. I am here today to announce that the General Executive Board of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has unanimously voted to withdraw our membership from the AFL-CIO.
That muffled sound you hear is Jimmy Hoffa spinning in his grave end zone. For the record, the International Brotherhood of Bloggers, Local 713 -- of which I am the president, sergeant-at-arms and sole member -- wholeheartedly supports the dissolution of the AFL-CIO. Every now and then I'll see a bumper sticker that says "Unions: The People Who Brought You Weekends." I'm never quite sure if that's a pro-union or anti-union message. It just as easily could've been "Unions: The People Who Slashed Productivity by 28.6%." Just a thought.


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