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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

911 hangs up on crime victim as perps escape

A man chasing down a pair of suspected robbers says his situation went from bad to worse when he dialed 911 for help. TJ Huntley says he watched as two men broke into his car and stole his wallet and laptop computer. It happened while he was jogging at Clear Brook City Park. His cell phone records show he called for help, not once but four times in five minutes. And, he was transferred to a Harris County line every time. "The last thing I expected was having to argue with dispatch on sending an officer out to catch two bad guys who just broke into my car," Huntley said. Not only that, he claims the county dispatcher hung up on him twice. Huntley chased the suspects as long as he could, for about 15 minutes. The two suspects got away.
This is better than any ad the NRA could dream up.


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