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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Chron knows what makes Houston tick

As usual, the Chronicle proves itself to be right on the pulse of the Bayou City with its "Ultimate Houston" ballots. Here are a few of the races, sure to be hotly contested by the average mainstream Houstonian:
Adult Novelty Store Bizarre Bazaar Cindie's Eros Erotic Cabaret Boutique Zone D'Erotica
Public Access TV Show Charles Snider Show Drugs, Crime and Politics Democracy Now!
Gay Bar Guava Lamp JR's Bar and Grill Meteor Rich's South Beach
That'll get circulation up. I can just hear the cascade of thousands of news consumers saying, "I can't stand the Chronicle's overwhelming liberal editorial bias and its week-old New York Times rehashes, but at least they let me vote on my favorite synthetic-genital outlet!" By the way, the following contests didn't quite make it on the Chron's list: "Favorite Indicted Member of Lee Brown's Administration" "Favorite MetroRail Crash Site" "Favorite Largest Daily Newspaper in the U.S. Never to Win a Pulitzer Prize"


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