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Friday, September 30, 2005

Judge bans probationer from having sex

Here's something you don't see everyday.
No sex. That's part of a sentence imposed on a 17-year-old girl by Texas state district judge Lauri Blake. She's ordered the young drug offender not have sex as long as she is living with her parents and attending school, as a condition of her probation. It is one of several unorthodox rulings Judge Lauri Blake has imposed since she was elected 10 months ago in the district court that covers Fannin and Grayson counties. She has also prohibited tattoos, body piercings, earrings and clothing "associated with the drug culture" for those on probation.
Good for the judge, though it's unfortunate that she's having to do things the parents should've done all along. Wait, there's more:
Lawyers are also subject to her rulings. Blake has told female attorneys not to wear sleeveless shirts or show cleavage in her courtroom.
Forget everything I just said. This judge is a heartless monster whose warped perception of justice threatens the well-being of the state. She must be stopped.


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