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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

MISSING: Chronicle Reader Representative

Nearly a month ago, James T. Campbell, who represents literally dozens of loyal Chronicle readers, invited the unwashed masses to submit questions to Chron kingpin Jeff Cohen:

Feel free to ask anything from "Why doesn't the Chronicle have a conservative columnist on its staff?" to "Why was it necessary to redesign the newspaper?" I will pose your questions to Cohen and post his replies sometime during the week of September 5.

Well, that week came and went with no answers from Campbell. So did the following week. And the next one. Finally, Campbell posted a blog entry on Sept. 20, on an unrelated subject. Since then, it's been eerily quiet.

Too quiet. That's why I'm enlisting you, the Lone Star Times reader, to help find this man.

Be on the lookout. Campbell was last seen at 801 Texas Avenue about a week ago. Hopefully, this is just another false alarm. Campbell has been known to pull this disappearing act over and over again.

Still, information leading to Campbell's safe return will be rewarded handsomely.


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