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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

VodkaPundit shakes up Appletini

Stephen Green over at VodkaPundit has a great piece on Apple's battle with record labels, who (I'm shocked, shocked!) want to raise prices on iTunes:
Eight weeks as a paying customer, and I've already downloaded over 200 songs. That's about 20 CDs worth of music. That's about $200 bucks for Apple and the record companies. That's more money than I spent on music in the last two years combined.
At 99 cents, it's hard to say no. At some higher price, it might be hard to say yes. Even at a buck twenty-five a pop, my $200 iTunes bill would have gone up 50 dollars – an increase substantial enough to make me think twice about buying something I barely thought once about buying for a dollar. Impulse purchases might have become calculated purchases. 200 songs for $200 might have become 100 songs for $125. Less music for me, less money for the recording industry.
It's basically a blow-by-blow of the unconscious microeconomic theory we all carry around in our noggins. He's right, too. Related: Corante's Copyfight


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