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Monday, March 21, 2005

New Metro operations boss vows to cut service

Metro, the organization that's brought you scores of train wrecks, has a new senior vice president of operations:
But from the viewpoint of riders, he's simply the guy responsible for making sure the buses and trains run on time. David Feeley joined Metro's executive staff March 9. The 62-year-old, who recently returned from working in Iraq and was planning to sail across the Atlantic Ocean before being lured to Houston, brings decades of experience in transit maintenance, operations, labor relations, engineering and expansion planning. He'll oversee Metro's largest department with about 2,900 employees, including bus and rail operators and mechanics.
First of all, let me get nit-picky. They're not "rail operators," they're "train operators." We don't call bus drivers "road operators," do we? In addition, these little tidbits were a bit disturbing:
Feeley also brings experience from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority in Boston and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.
Feeley had been planning on ocean sailing from New York with three friends before Wilson convinced him to come to Houston. His trip here to scope out the job marked his first visit to the Bayou City.
Oh, great. So the new head of operations is not only stuck in an East Coast mindset, but he's also completely unfamiliar with Houston. Outstanding. But maybe it's not a total loss:
"The service we have out there, we want to be first rate and to satisfy demand," Feeley said. "Service that doesn't make any sense shouldn't be there."
Awesome. Bye-bye, MetroRail! Anne over at blogHOUSTON has more on this one.


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